Press Release : Everyone loses out from a lack of legal certainty on data transfers


On October 6th, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) issued its judgment in response to a request made by the Irish High Court in July 2014 for a preliminary ruling in the case of Maximillian Schrems v Data Protection Commissioner, and in doing so, declared the Commission’s July 2000 Decision “on the adequacy of the protection provided by the safe harbour privacy principles and ... [Continue Reading]

Technology is opening up new business models for creators


We have closely monitored the debates around the EP’s own initiative report on the review of the EU copyright rules between its draft release last January and the final vote in July. And it was often heard that without stricter copyright, creators will not be able to support themselves, cultural production will come to an end and European cultural heritage will disappear. At the other extreme, the ... [Continue Reading]

The Strength of the Community


This week, the Dutch Government hosted the 11th ODF Plugfest in The Hague. Nothing remarkable about that, you might say, but what it illustrated was just how strong the 'community effect' can be within IT, and how, if channelled effectively, can boost the long term opportunity and success. Professor Henry Chesbrough coined the phrase 'Open Innovation' in the context of increasing the value of a ... [Continue Reading]

Data ownership in a world of Software as a Service


A strong trend that has marked the software industry in recent years has been the move away from selling software licences, in favour of subscription-based integrated services delivered through the Internet (aka Software as a Service aka SaaS). A notable characteristic of this trend is the fact that it has been picked up across the industry, all players finding an opportunity to capitalise on it. ... [Continue Reading]

“Windows” Dressing


On August 20, the European Commission published a call for tender (DIGIT/R3/PO/2015/019 LSP). This call is worth an extra look.The Inter-Institutional Licensing AgreementThe purpose of this tender is to select a service provider that can assist the European Institutions with “the acquisition of Microsoft software products and licenses under the Inter-institutional licensing agreement (ILA)”. This ... [Continue Reading]