German court ruling brings into focus the EU rules for intermediary liability


Disclaimer: Google, which is mentioned in this blog post, is a member of OFEThe Higher Regional Court in Hamburg in Germany revisited the topic of liability of online intermediaries in its ruling of 1 July, opposing Google YouTube and GEMA, the German collecting society. The official press release is available only in German and it follows the preliminary ruling of the European Court of Justice ... [Continue Reading]

How open is EU public procurement data ?


A huge amount of data is generated daily by public procurement authorities throughout the EU. This is of course immensely useful as that data can be mined to identify interesting trends and produce analysis (such as our very own Procurement Monitoring Reports which aim to document the practice and discriminatory impact of referring to specific brand names when procuring for ICT solutions). Most of ... [Continue Reading]

A new chapter in our online communication


As advocates of openness, we at OFE try to live by our own principles as much as possible. We like to think that openness is not just a vague concept, but a guiding principle that inspires not just the positions we take, but also the way that we work. And this includes the tools we use to communicate online. We have been busy over the past few months brainstorming ideas, testing new concepts and ... [Continue Reading]

Press release – Loud call from the European Parliament to reform EU copyright rules

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The European Parliament adopted today its own initiative report on the evaluation of the Copyright Directive (2001/29/EC), with a substantial majority of 445 MEPs (65 voted against and 32 abstained).OpenForum Europe (OFE) welcomes this report and congratulates MEPs for their work to adopt these non-binding provisions. This report comes after a public consultation on the topic, conducted by the ... [Continue Reading]