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Unitary Patent – the EU should take more time to get it right

6th December 2012 - The European Union is on the point of overcoming nearly 40 years of procrastination over the creation of a single, or unitary European patent and the Unified Patent Court. The goal is to make it cheaper and easier for innovators to protect their inventions, thereby stimulating growth and dynamism in the European economy.

Openforum Europe (OFE) wholeheartedly supports this goal but it is alarmed at the lack of open debate in the final stages of the lawmaking process with the users, and especially following the latest compromise over the legal framework for the creation of a Unitary Patent and a Unified Patent Court reached between the Council and European Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee last month.

After decades of impasse it now appears that lawmakers are trying to rush through a poor compromise in the last minute that may make matters worse, not better, for innovators in Europe, especially for those in the technology industry.